Website Design Template: How to get? Just Copy, Purchase or Recreate

Website Design Template: How to get? Just Copy, Purchase or Recreate

A good website design gives many benefits to a company, such as a boost to the impression to its potential customers. Internet users often provide a useful review of websites that have a simple and beautiful design. Since the creation itself is organized, it will be easier for website owners to add new functionality to the website. More importantly, a beautiful website design gives a website its own unique identity that could separate it from its competitors. This leads to the question of how to copy a website design template? This is a frequently asked question among the website owners who are just starting in this field, such as blogging.

The most common way is to

The most common way is to directly view the source code of the website that you want to copy using a tool and save all the necessary HTML files. Though easy is quite a headstart for anyone, that will take longer than you think recompiling the source code you get. Not only will it take too much time, but it will also make your head feel the pain from the continuous trial and error. If and only if you finish compiling, including rebuilding its necessary codes, check for files that are copyrighted, especially those images from any website, since it might make a problem for you in the future.

Website Design Template: How to get? Just Copy, Purchase or Recreate

It will be much easier to ask the website owner directly about the template. For example, you can ask if the template is licensed so that you can purchase it directly from the owner. While getting the template, change its layout as much as you can to call it your website layout template. If that template is not available for purchase, you can find any similar website template on the internet and purchase some templates.

All the mentioned methods of acquiring website templates are for much more experienced website designers. An individual can recreate any template through a web configuration tool such as Wix. This will be an easier way of acquiring the desired template, but do not expect too much since those website builders cannot fully compete on a template that is coded manually.

Copying or purchasing a template directly from the owner or recreating those designs themselves in a WYSIWYG builder will be a useful method to get the website design an individual wants. Just keep in mind that anything you get on the internet without permission may be subjected to a copyrighted or a patent. It’s better to own something in a legal way.

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